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At Calling All Riders, our goal is to provide a professional and affordable bicycle transport service for athletes participating in road bicycling events and triathlons across the contiguous United States.  Our service paves the road to the events that challenge an athlete's potential, allowing them to focus on training without the worry of bicycle transport.

Bicycle rider ascending steep gradient.




My friend in the photo above passed away from Esophageal Cancer in 2019.  He had a passion for road cycling.  He kept a bicycle log with the last entry just 3 months before he passed away, showing great fortitude, as do many athletes who strive for the best in themselves.  By providing this service, I feel I am honoring my friend and road cycling athletes across the United States. 


The photo to the left is a picture of me finishing my 1st Ironman 70.3 event. As an older adult I strive to maintain my health.

Calling All Riders resides in the Rocky Mountain corridor of Colorado.  Many pro cyclists have trained here in this higher altitude region.  Colorado is one of many bicycling mecca's in the United States.  I read somewhere that passion and emotion drive performance and I witness that when I am out on one of my rides, whether from an athlete out on a training ride or the average person finding their way to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

A commercial cargo van will be the mode of transport with one driver.  No need to take the bike apart for shipping, no reassembly, no adjustments.  No exposure to the elements.  Ready to go for the event.  No long drives for the athlete, saving valuable time and energy.  Pricing will be job cost based, taking in to consideration ridership participation and event distance (mileage). 

Please call for a quote. 

Soul Traveler

Triathlon Events Photos

Typical Transition Area

Bicycling event with full transition corral


Cheryl, Owner and Participant

Partner Shops

Cenna Custom Cycles, Inc.

1940 Ionosphere St., Unit B

Longmont, CO  80504

303.834.9511     T-F 10-6, Sat 12-5

Trek Bicycle Loveland

4880 Thompson Pkwy, Suite #110

Johnstown, CO  80534


Non-Refundable Deposit of $30
cash/personal check/business check

Valet Service**
Wheel Bag
Gear Bag (med size)

**Will pick up your gear and bicycle from transition for you after the race and transport them back to your partner shop or designated drop-off location.  This service is only available to those who have paid for gear and bicycle transport to and from the event. 

Thanks for submitting!

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